How To Play


Like most poker derivative games, Texas Hold'em goal is to win the pot (pot, all players in the council has The sum of credits bet) in prize money.

To win the pot of prize money in two ways:

  1. In the fight to win cards (ie cards in hand plus the public's seven cards, the selection of five up the largest card type).
  2. Through bet all other players fold to force quit the Board, to give up the chance to win prize money.

Unlike Texas Hold'em poker transducer (Draw Poker) you can fold and Draw, Texas Hold'em is played relatively classes Like Stud (Stud Poker), the player's hand is fixed, the other players can only influence through his own bets And by observing other players bet to infer possible hand. The players, the game objective should not be to win Single Board prize money, but make the right decision based on mathematics (probability theory) and psychology. As a result, it is desirable Under the circumstances the return value is positive, we can maximize the benefits of each game average, long time down the total winning than losing money More.


Texas Hold'em uses the standard 52 cards, the number of players participating, ranging from 2-9 players. Before the cards, the player must first decide the Nominal 'banker', the dealer does not need licensing (online poker room table will automatically send cards, live event by Casino dealer licensing. > Poker table 'button' is used to identify the dealer button is the location of the residence village Home. Dealer's position shall be forced to decide which two players under the 'blind' (two players see the cards before going blind Note, so called blind>. Under clockwise one player to be the dealer under the 'small blind', and then the next play At home 'big blind', the amount is usually double the small blind. Poker table players take turns when the dealer, and in turn small Blind and big blind.

After the blinds down, all the players will be sent to two face-down cards, known as hole cards, only the player himself visible. The next will be sequentially issued five community cards, shared by all the players. Each player from the above 7, the combination The best five card set.

The first round of betting before the flop

After issued cards, before three community cards (that is, 'the flop') issued before, called 'pre-flop'. All players this When I have seen their cards, starting with the first round of betting action, the next player clockwise from the dealer's open Beginning.

When the turn player action, players can choose actions include:

Fold: to give up their hand, the council does not play cards. After the fold, you can not win the pot prize, nor desirable to return to vote Chips into the pot, including the blinds.

Check: The amount refers to the same wager bets before a player indicate that you continue to play this game of cards. Please note, After the flop, if you have not player bets, you can choose to check.

Raise: The amount refers to the amount bet than betting before a player is high. If no player raises before you, you can Fill yourself.

Flop and the second round of betting

After the end of the first round of betting, will be issued under three communal cards, called the 'flop', and then start the second round of betting, the same Starting from the next player clockwise banker.

Turn the third round of betting

After the second round of betting is over, it will be issued under the fourth community card, called the 'turn', and then start the third round of betting.

The fourth round of betting river

After the third round of betting is over, will be issued under the fifth community card, called the 'river card', this is the last community cards. Meet Down to start the fourth round of betting begin.


After the end of the last round of betting, the player has not yet cover plate must be from two hole cards and the five community cards, and select a group of five of Best deck and flashed his hand card, called the showdown, the player with the best cards at this time the group wins. If there is a tie (two players above deck as well, and also for the best deck), the tied players level Sub-bottom pool.

At this end the Board, the next round began, the dealer button to go up one position in a clockwise direction.

Common terms Explanation
Dealer (D) By the end of each round the first player left of the dealer when the village; the dealer will affect the licensing order and Large, small blind bet sequence and order.
Small blind (SB) At the beginning of each new office, dealer left the first player must bet the small blind in front of not licensing Note.
Big blind (BB) At the beginning of each new office, the banker left the second player must bet the big blind before the cards are not issued Note.
Cards Each player will have two own hand.
Community cards After the end of the first round bet, the system will spread out three cards, if the Board continued, the system will Then gradually spread out the first four, first five community cards.
Call Players and the home of the bet the same charge; if the home is the big blind, the player chooses the call will be charge with Note the big blind same gold in the table.
Bet The first player bet; yet before other players bet, the player can choose to bet, it means A first ante bet, if the other players to follow, you must charge the same note payments.
Call Players according to previous bet amount bet more gold; if other players to continue the game, it must be to NOTE gold less the same job
Give up Not the Council, will be directly folded, but the bet is not returned to the lower front.
Fold After the end than the card, you can choose to prevent other players see their cards. As for the drop out Players will have a direct fold.
Sub-pool Before the end of each round, all players want to continue to be the same and the other players bet on the bet Unless the player has not enough gold note, shall remainder of the bet shoved can continue, but The Notes will gold sub-pool.

Texas Hold'em than licensing, the look at the deck size, time to see the point size (do not look at color size).

Big Combination Card
> > > > > > > > ;
Points Size

A♠ > K♠ > Q♠ > J♠ > 10♠ > 9♠ > 8♠ > 7♠ > 6♠ > 5♠ > 4♠ > 3♠ > 2♠ ;

Card type introduction (descending)
Cards combination Picture Explanation
Flush (Straight Flush) It is straight with a suit five consecutive cards. Up to A♠ K♠ Q♠ J♠ 10♠, can be pressed all the cards, minimum A♦ 2♦ 3♦ 4♦ 5♦.
Four (Four of a Kind) Four cards of the same number plus the configuration of any one single A card type.
Gourd (Boat or Full House) Three cards of the same number plus a set of sub-licensing constituted Type.
Flush (Flush) There are five decks of cards the same suit, the number of relatively deck The word's largest brand.
Junko (Straight) Five consecutive number of cards, can be arbitrarily selected color combinations. With the greatest number as the basis for comparison, a maximum of 10♦, J♠, Q♥, K♣, A♥, a minimum of A♠, 2♥, 3♣, 4♦, 5♣.
Three (Three of a Kind) Three cards of the same number plus any two leaflets constituted Card type.
Two pairs (Two Pairs) Two pair plus a single card type any posed.
Pair (Pair) Two identical cards plus any three numbers composed leaflet Card type.
High card (High Hand) When the combination can not be any card type, it can be used to scrape together five single deck Card.